Created a jenkins plugin to generate test results report for automated tests, the plugin is able to generate reports for the below mentioned test runners :

The generated reports follow the same template, so if you are running automated tests using more than one option that is mentioned above, you will have the same template of reporting across all your automated tests.

Here is the link to the Jenkins plugin: here

If you would like to used, the steps you have to follow are quite simple:

If you encounter any issues, feel free to report then on github : here or you could join the Gitter chatroom, and we can get in touch to help you resolve your issues: here

Join the chat at The project offers the possibility to build test reports using a bootstrap components, offering rendering support on a wide range of devices.

Once you have installed this plugin, and configured it with the proper location of your json test report files, after the build is finished, then the following menu will be present on your build/project